Student Transportation Management System for Operators
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Welcome to the NLSchools Busing Operator Management System.

The Student Transportation Busing Operator Documentation System is designed to make it easier for the NLSchools and Student Transportation Contractors to manage:

  • the collection and updating of required Contractor documentation;
  • the driver and vehicle assignments to specific routes; and
  • communication relating to documentation approvals/expiries and group MEMOs/messages to Contractors
It also provides clarity for both parties regarding documentation that is on file as well as each document's status ("Approved" or "Not Approved" including why it is not approved). This system may also be a useful tool for a Contractor's operation for the tracking of student transportation drivers and student transportation fleet.

As a contract is awarded to a Contractor, the District will add it into the system including its associated routes. The Contractor is responsible to keep their Contractor information up-to-date, listing of drivers and fleet up-to-date, upload all required documentation under the corresponding driver or vehicle in the system and ensure each route is assigned a driver and a vehicle. The system will send automatic notifications to Contractors for upcoming document expirations as well as District approval of drivers and vehicles.

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